Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Q8: Favorite Promethean Lesson

I created a lesson at a work day that was on fractions.  Students had to use pattern blocks to determine the fractions.  What fraction of a hexagon is a small triangle?  What fraction of a large rhombus is a small triangle?  Students did the manipulating at their desks while I demonstrated and guided them at the Promethean board.  By the end, students were coming up to the board to demonstrate their understanding.  I did the lesson several weeks ago, and when we did a review yesterday, students seem to have retained the information well.   

Another lesson that I thought went well but wasn't planned ahead of time was one where I used the board to help kids plan a project they were doing on our ecosystems unit.  I took all of the required documents they needed and made them into a flipchart.  We reviewed, they with highlighters and paper, me with the Promethean highlighter.  I then imported all of the pages as .jpg files and put them on our class wiki.  I was amazed at the number of students who told me that they accessed the documents online to show their parents or to work on the projects over the weekend.  I thought it was very effective to have the exact documents on the wiki that we did in class.  It wasn't fancy or pretty, but it seemed to be very effective.


Erin said...

I've also had fun using the board for spontaneous flipcharts created during class, sometimes by the students themselves. I think it's quite valuable to use this technology not just to present information, but to record the students' ideas and work. Thanks to the recent addition of a document camera in our classroom, they love being able to put their writing up on the board and highlight, revise, and analyze it--and save it for later. It's great to hear about students being so proud of their work.

silvercliff said...

I have done some work with the students when they can use a flipchart to plan a project. We didn't get as far as I would have liked--time is always an issue as a Specials Teacher but it was great because a group of kids could all work on it at the same time. I will definitely use this next year.

Anonymous said...

It is a great motivater for the kids to use the board to plan a project. I am also trying to have them use it to present their projects for the year but time is running out--I can't believe it is almost May!!!