Sunday, January 16, 2011

PEBC Math Institute: Teaching Math for Understanding

--Takeaways --

How do I teach math for understanding?  "Teach the mathematician, not the problem"

How can I take what I have learned into student blogging?

Workshop Model -- I have to begin implementing!  What are my first steps?
 Three parts, crafting/mini lesson, composing/ work time/ conferring, reflecting
A "catch and release" process

1.  MiniLesson / CraftingPutting doc cam on floor so we can share more closely?  

2.  Composing / Work Time
listening, conferring, sharing ideas, praise for good thinking.

3.  Reflecting
what did you notice, a ha! from today?
sticky note, ticket out the door.
so what?
has your thinking solidified or changed?
self assessment

Quote: "Teaching is a personal craft."

How do you build a community of learners?
--they need to know you care
--they need to have a voice

Discourse: What is it?
Learners making meaning of content through accountable, engaged conversation

Concept mapping

Implement 3 step problem solving process (article)
Revisit Checkerboard Problem with students, have them create posters of their thinking.  Affirm good thinking over correct problems.
Concept Mapping - science or geometry.  Give a list of words, students create posters and hang up.
Workshop model
-get rid of groups
-rearrange front of room
-First plan? work on minilessons/ catch and release.